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What's New?

17 March, 2004

We updated "Propasals from SYNTAX" of "Internet Agency".

Corparate Website Management and Redevelopment Services

7 July, 2003

Proposals from SYNTAX

We updated "Internet Agency" of Consulting Division, and propose new consulting and web reconstruction services to accommodate the following requirements comprehensively.

PR & Net Strategy Proposal for the Broadband Age
Proposal for the Creation of Barrier-free Web Content

We are open to requests for the complete rebuilding of corporate web sites, planning for web site campaigns and web system architecture.
Please feel free to request any or all of this material.

2 October, 2001

We updated "Paid-in Capital" of Corporate Outline.

1 November, 2000

We updated "Consulting Division" of Corporate Outline.

16 October, 2000

We updated "Adress" of Corporate Outline.

30 June, 2000

We updated "Paid-in Capital" of Corporate Outline.

10 September, 1999

We updated "Paid-in Capital" of Corporate Outline.

11 January, 1999

We updated Corporate Outline.

17 February, 1998

We updated The Outline of SYNTAX Inc.

9 May, 1997

Improvements were made to the designs of the back screen images on the display and each INDEX page.

7 September, 1996

New Information
Proposal for Three Promising Internet Cafe Markets

In our "Internet Cafe Total Producing Service Corner" - which was featured by newspapers/magazines and won general applause - new information page is released, titled "Three Promising Internet Cafe Markets". Internet Cafe markets are categorized into three to go into proper service. You would like you to see our proposal and original graphics. Satisfaction guaranteed!

23 August, 1996

"Simulation of Business Profit by JavaScript Experiencing Corner" is now openI

We are just opening experimentally "Simulation of Business Profit by JavaScript Experiencing Corner", as we announced before. In this corner, balance of payments plan will be simulated in terms of our proposal for "Multimedia New Business Style Shop", by using spreadsheet program on the browser screen. At the same time, you can try a simulation of your own plan as you prefer. Why don't you try the possibility of the simulation by JavaScript? If your plan is practicable, we will individually demonstrate more detailed and concrete business profit simulation by offering our professional know-how. Please be sure to check this world's first breakthrough corner.

1 August, 1996

Announcement of Individual Presentation Service

We are starting Individual Presentation Service on Web site in response to your inquiry or consultation with us about Internet Agency Service. This service is available for an concrete plan, for example, opening your Web site. Special customers will be allowed to access to the hidden page in web site to see proposals including estimation and graphic images. See Individual Presentation Service in Internet Agency Page for more information.

19 July, 1996

New Information
Syntax Web site is now accessible through CD-ROMI

ASCII Corporation released ASCII Mook "Virtual Internet Experience CD-ROM" (\980) on 19 July, 1996, which introduced more than 150 Web sites through CD-ROM and allowed local users to experience Internet virtually. This is a kind of book with CD-ROM, targeting readers being interested in Internet but not yet subscribing to it and allowing them to enjoy Internet mimetically. Good news is this CD-ROM introduces SYNTAX Web site (as of 17 May, 1996). Check it right now.

Publisher: ASCII Corporation
Name: ASCII Mook "Virtual Internet Experience CD-ROM"
Price: \980 (\951 net)
Publication Date: 19 August, 1996 (Release Date 19 July, 1996)

9 July, 1996

Information on Internet Cafe Total Producing Service

Internet Cafe Total Producing Service is now open in our "Multimedia New Business Style Shop" which already receives public attention.
We are starting this service to totally provide the wide-ranged information including a demonstration of actual shop model, a consulting of snack and beverage facilities and Internet Agency business. Any customers are welcome, who are interested in adding more value to a leisure center, an amusement park or a karaoke shop.

Business Profit Simulation by JavaScript Experiencing Corner

We are now preparing our new project, "Business Profit Simulation by JavaScript Experiencing Corner" in "Multimedia New Business Style Shop". It is under construction right now. When it is done, we will announce it at this "What's New?" corner.

26 June, 1996

At renown MIDI software laboratory, we updated many articles. For further information, please refer to What's New? corner which has been newly opened in MIDI software laboratory.

We updated the content of Work Experience which you can link from the Profile of President in Corporate Outline in Other Service Information. As we had newly added the latest information to "Lecture which is sponsored by other group and organization" , please refer to it.

17 May,1996

Part 1

We have opened "SYNTAX MIDI software laboratory" on "What's Cool? "corner and are going to offer our unique MIDI software as shareware. The SYNTAX software division has been highly rated already in the prooduction of MIDI data for commercial use, we are now expanding our MIDI offering by creating high quality DTM(Desktop Music) targeted for the consumer market. This software is available only via the Internet, so please download it and give it a try.
We also have something for those who don't have MIDI sound module also can enjoy it. Please don' t hesitate to drop in on our place.

Part 2

Collection No.3 has been added to our SYNTAX produced collection of original backgroud images, already very popular at the "What's Cool?"corner. this new collection includes 20 images bringing the total to 60 images. These are all freeware, so please use them freely as backgroud images for Internet Web site .

Part 3

Our proposed "Collection of examples of The Most Advanced Media Shop" at the Multimedia New Business Style Shop, you will find an image of a shop which is waiting to open. We hope you will refer to the example of SOUND MEDIA provided.

Future Plans

In the newly opened "SYNTAX MIDI Software laboratory" introduced above, we are planning future software production.
Besides it, our "Multimedia New Business Style Shop" has been introduced in many newspapers and magazines as an epoch-making world first, employing a unique plan for the utilization of Java.
The spreadsheet applet will allow real-time, on-screen calculation within the browser window, automatically simulating the accounts of our proposed shop. This simulation shows the strong potential of this technology for adaptation to customers' needs and will be topic-making.In addtion, we will also open to the public other works we are producing and various publications by our president.

Keep an eye out- you can also expect more from our Web site in the near future.

1 April, 1996

Our company, SYNTAX Inc. has established our Web site "SYNTAX Inc. Virtual Online World" on April 1, 1996. As a young, newly established company, SYNTAX Inc. hopes to deepen our relationship with all of you, even if only through the Internet.

In this corner, SYNTAX Inc. will provide monthly updates on new information, as soon as it is available. At the present our Web site offers the following two hot items.
Part 1

The First in The World to be on The Internet.
Birth of Web site Offering Assistance
in Multimedia Distribution and Shop Development
"SYNTAX Inc. offers a Multimedia New Business Style Shop".

In this Web site, SYNTAX Inc. provides a menu which offers a new business style shop for multimedia related products. This page has been open to the public since April 1,1996.
Both manufacturers and consumers have commented that while multimedia is a promising new field, it is in urgent need of more organized distribution. The main point of SYNTAX Inc. 's present service is to propose the creation of the "perfect shop." SYNTAX Inc. undertakes shop development for multimedia related products, and recommends this service to companies interested in converting existing shops into a new business structure (including record shops, AV rental shops, musical instruments shops, electrical appliance outlets, bookstores, video game shops and amusement centers). SYNTAX Inc. also recommends this service to any company interested in the new business of multimedia distribution.
The core of our proposal is development of space for multimedia distribution. In addition to this service, however, we also provide support in the form of consulting for new business, including possible online shopping (virtual mall), which is currently a hot topic.
Moreover, this Web site offers an online advice corner, allowing you to make inquiries and enter into business discussions online, easily and without any worry.

SYNTAX Inc. deeply requests your support of the present proposition, so that together with all of our customers interested in the multimedia industry, we can succeed in our project of shop creation.

Part 2

Introduction of Internet Agency service
supporting companies and associations to send
and share information through Internet,
and to develop Internet intensive new businesses

SYNTAX Inc. is starting a new Internet-related service. Our Internet Agency not only produces Web sites to send information, but also provides comprehensive service relative to Internet.
SYNTAX Inc. was established to support new market creation, an experienced consulting and production company in various media industries (music, picture, multimedia, telecommunications). Particularly from the start of this year, SYNTAX Inc. has placed a major emphasis on the Internet, and will offer our clients most beneficial and the latest services, using both our wealth of experience as a business consultant specializing in the media industry, as well as our network of resources of producers and creators.

Main Services

Characteristics of our Internet Agency Services

  1. Ability to offer integrated services (from planning and consulting to design and production of software)
  2. Comprefensive capability supported by experience in multimedia related consulting and producing
  3. Providing business planning, marketing and data processing know-how available only through Internet
  4. Providing inexpensive services when compared to specialized Web site producers
  5. High quality pages (not only content itself, but also picture design, graphics and interface)
  6. Consulting for new business development utilizing Internet
  7. Regional approach (promote to use of Internet to consolidate information on local areas as well as companies)

Future Plans

Software Division supplies high-dignity DTM MIDI data targeting consumer market. We are planning to supply useful original MIDI data for Internet as shareware on "What's cool?" corner.
This unique MIDI software will be released internationally after May/June '96. Please watch for our advancement. Once the software has been released,
please feel free to download it, and give us your comments.

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