We recently proposed Internet-related themes including public relations and Internet strategies in this age of broadband and the creation of barrier-free web content, and started to provide comprehensive services to accommodate the needs of corporations who must address issues in these areas.

We launched the services entitled the "Proposal Series" in the summer of 2003. By effectively combining our existing service lineup (including WEB-Checks that provides website diagnosis, analysis and assessment, and SBS that provides content distribution over broadband and support services), we created the new services with special features that facilitate website development and system building (including redesigning), as well as comprehensive consulting services in one package. We hope you recognize that our services effectively address issues that have not been satisfactorily dealt with by conventional website development and field specific consulting firms.

The services we propose this time are focused on corporate website management and redevelopment. We created the services with features that we hope accommodate the hidden needs of our clients with whom we have daily contacts.
Clients' requirements are varied. Their needs are more than just the renewal and update of their websites, planning and marketing of e-commerce and campaigns on the website and system building.
Understanding exactly what our clients need, we provide a range of services for website masters by assuming responsibility for tasks such as editing of parts of the content of major corporations and institutions websites, as well as portal sites (general information sites), collection, analysis and editing of industry-wide information (including overseas information and translation thereof) to be updated and distributed as daily news.
In addition, we perform comprehensive website diagnosis, analysis and assessment including verification and monitoring of the operability of the entire web pages (verification of operability and compatibility of any types of OS and browsers), security aspects, accessibility and usability as part of corporate website management and maintenance services for large-scale systems such as net banking, in particular.
We have accumulated comprehensive and widely varied business experience since 1996, providing services mostly to major and foreign-affiliated companies, services ranging from strategic Internet-related consulting and web site construction, to system building and Electric Commerce business development.

The following are examples of our proposals to customers for your reference. We eagerly await your inquiries and expressions of interest. We charge no fee for services for customer inquires, preliminary consultation and discussions up to the submission of our proposal (planning estimate). We are actively engaged in consultation activities responding to the potential needs we receive from entities including major and foreign-affiliated companies, governments and ministries, and nonprofit foundations. We would appreciate your consideration of our services for the management of your website. We look forward to serving you.

Website management and content creation services
We provide contracted services for the management of large-scale websites of major corporations as well as portal sites, planning, creation and update maintenance of web content, research, editing, update and distribution of daily domestic and overseas news (including translation service of foreign news), production of featured articles and web magazine, proposals for enticing customers via web campaigns, and the execution of web master functions under nondisclosure agreements.

Operability verification and monitoring services
We thoroughly examine and verify whether services used by critical and large-scale web systems are functioning properly or not. We check the system using every combination of different versions of OS and browsers to see if there are any problems including functional bugs and display irregularities, and present possible causes and problem solving measures, if there are any (example of actual experience: consulting for Internet banking for banks). This new service is added to WEB-Checks, a set of comprehensive diagnostic, analytical and assessment services that include technical assessment, strategic assessment, developmental assessment, usability assessment and server response assessment.

We are ready to tailor our services to clients' trade specific conditions and management needs. Please contact us first.

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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 162-0814
Tel: 81-3-5229-4170 Fax: 81-3-5229-7264

Syntax Broadband Service

Syntax Broadband Service
Distribution of streamed content for
broadband and support service
Business lines:
- Web site creation including system configuration and electronic commerce development
- Internet-related consulting (strategic decision-making, business development)
- Presence provider
Search engine (SSS2), web hosting & web database (SWS2), dedicated Linux servers (SLS), broadband streaming services (SBS: encoding, streaming servers, live relays, consultations on processing of copyright issues and billing systems etc.)
- General web site analysis, diagnosis and evaluation services (http://www.syntax.co.jp/webchecks/ )
"Web-Checks" fully automated web diagnostic system available free of charge
- "EC-Gate" general electronic commerce payment service (http://www.syntax.co.jp/ecgate/ ) ("ASP [Application Service Provider]" service)
- Planning, development and administration of vertical portal sites
- Other services
We are open to requests for the complete rebuilding of corporate web sites, planning for web site campaigns and web system architecture.
Please feel free to request any or all of this material.

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