PR & Net Strategy Proposal for the Broadband Age

According to the Internet White Paper 2003 published on July 2, 2003, the number of the broadband users as of the end of February 2003 increased 2.7 times from the same month of last year to 15,960,000. The Internet user population in Japan is currently 56,453,000. This is expected to exceed 60,000,000 by the end of 2003.
While the Internet infrastructure has been rapidly improved, companies must bring a new sophistication to the way they use web sites and e-mail, incorporating these tools into high-level strategies to meet future targets and visions.

To meet various needs in the broadband age, we launch a new total service to provide e-business consulting and web site development.
Since 1996, Syntax has provided our clients, mainly large Japanese companies and the Japanese subsidiaries of leading foreign companies, with strategic consulting services on their Internet utilization. We also have a long track record in web site creation, systems development, and electronic commerce development. Back page is one example of an Internet proposal that we furnished for a manufacturer. We believe you will find it interesting and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. All initial discussions, meetings and proposals (including estimates) are free of charge.
We look forward to discussing with you how we can serve your needs.

What can you do right now? (Review your web components)

- Web development component planning and strategic resource allocation tailored to corporate activities (information transmission and sharing -> information collection -> improved customer relations -> added value -> net-based business activities, effective utilization of the net in purchasing/procurement and sales agent recruiting, use of web diagnostic services etc.)
- Adaptation to broadband (perspectives on: broadcasting of sponsored and promotional events, streaming of product information videos on-demand, streaming of promotional training videos to distributors, effective use in client support and retail support, business television and closed-circuit broadcasting to branch offices nationwide)
- The revolution in information communications on the Internet (step-by-step display and navigation according to consumer interest and knowledge: catch the customer's attention, summarize your offerings, give more details about the product, have the customer select a product [analyze needs, search for optimized conditions], conduct diagnostic and simulation functions for troubleshooting, etc.)
- Mail distribution systems for one-to-one active marketing (Internet "CRM [Customer Relationship Management]") uses web databases as an extension of the permission-based, opt-in mail strategy. Rather than distributing a one-size-fits-all mail magazine, mail magazines and support information are tailored to the consumer's profile and list of products interests; research, surveys and promotions are also possible.)
- Full-fledged, enhanced security (protection against hacking and cracking, "Cyber Patrol" response to slander, libel and false information, use of security diagnostic services, configuration of dedicated secure servers.)
- For manufacturers with their own distribution networks (stores), provision of electronic commerce product database to each store (independent and captive distribution networks), introduction and supervision of web-oriented inventory search systems at each store, etc.
- Accommodation for the creation of barrier-free web content (the total provision of accessibility, usability, optimization of search engines, barrier-free information)

What can you do for the future? (Net business)

- Overhaul of web update management system (introduction of automatic update system that makes daily updates easier, distribution of on-line magazines, management of information after new-product announcements and launches, update system for IR information, sophisticated use of one-to-one mail distribution systems, etc.)
- Planning, development and operation of a reliable "vertical portal site" on product themes --fairness, equality and convenience (vertical portal sites comprise general information, one-to-one marketing and electronic commerce; we will study how best to combine them and create business models for their use)
- E-marketplace (Business-to-Business) and electronic commerce ("BTO [Build to Order]" direct sales, mall hosting, electronic commerce support for clients, Consumer-to-Consumer etc.) feasibility studies
- Web survey functions, product planning based on incentive systems, use of Internet in integrated research, development, production, marketing and sales systems etc.

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Syntax Broadband Service

Syntax Broadband Service
Distribution of streamed content for
broadband and support service
Business lines:
- Web site creation including system configuration and electronic commerce development
- Internet-related consulting (strategic decision-making, business development)
- Presence provider
Search engine (SSS2), web hosting & web database (SWS2), dedicated Linux servers (SLS), broadband streaming services (SBS: encoding, streaming servers, live relays, consultations on processing of copyright issues and billing systems etc.)
- General web site analysis, diagnosis and evaluation services ( )
"Web-Checks" fully automated web diagnostic system available free of charge
- "EC-Gate" general electronic commerce payment service ( ) ("ASP [Application Service Provider]" service)
- Planning, development and administration of vertical portal sites
- Other services
We are open to requests for the complete rebuilding of corporate web sites, planning for web site campaigns and web system architecture.
Please feel free to request any or all of this material.

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