Business Consulting

Business Development Consulting

We support your planning and development of new business, new products and service from "Looking for the promising field" to "Business realization" and "Incubation of business".

  1. Surveying, researching and focusing on the new business field (Phase 1)
    Not only we survey and study the theme you interested in, but also plan and propose "Promising business field".
  2. Decision on realization of targeted business (Phase 2)
    We support your decision on realization of business (composing of FS - feasibility study) of proposed business.
  3. The incubation of new business (Phase 3 `)
    We support the establishment of your business (development of merchandise, systems, sales channel and human resources etc.) as your partner.
  4. Training courses for business development and marketing employees
    We send our consultant to act as an instructor to the training seminars with the aim of personnel development, they are also available for group and educational organization seminars aimed at offering the latest business information.

Consulting for Planning and Development of New Merchandise

We strongly recommend this program to the companies with the following problems:

  1. Introduction of Techniques for Planning and Development of New Merchandise
    For the company to plan and develop the new businesses (new merchandise, new service and new application) in the consumer goods area, and hoping for the successful introduction of logical and strategic techniques to your organization.
  2. Creating Idea Generation for Innovative New Merchandise
    For companies in mature markets which want to create an improved merchandising plan with totally new and innovative ideas and to understand its methodology (the various techniques of idea creation)
  3. Creation of Hit Merchandise with Developed "Selling Techniques"
    For the company delving into new fields, competitive markets, or which requires unique marketing strategies after entering into the market to realize the success of hit merchandising
  4. Creation of Completed Merchandise with The Customer-Oriented Focus
    For the company to gain independence from the seeds idea which is technique-oriented, and to develop an interest in the completed merchandise in response to problem-solving, which is existing potentially (the image of a company which takes a stance that supports their merchandise, background, construction of strategically completed business including support and service)
[Basic Consulting Items and Advancing Flow]

Consulting Program and Project by Subjects



Market Research, Drawing up Study Report

This is to submit the report which has been researched and studied according to each problem facing the company or group. Market research is the primary measure for the company to recognize accurately the customers' needs and find a clue to a solution.
The way to research the market is to begin with collecting written information and market data, and to conduct surveys of key individuals with questionnaires, group-interviews, and so on. We deal with the micro-demand to macro-demand to meet your need and, in addition, use various and suitable quantitative methods to analyze such data.
Our policy is to protect the right of privacy of all our information sources.

Service for Analyzing Statistics

We offer data analysis and data processing specialized services (as follows) by utilizing OR (Operations Research) which provides highly effective and important data for managerial decision.

[Present Data Analyzing Method]

About 30% of all problems relating to managerial decisions can be solved with basic probability and/or statistics. SYNTAX Inc. will perform probability and statistical analysis of your data.

[Forecasting Method]

Demand forecasting and other projection services using data available to date

[Operational Optimizing Method]

Services to optimize inventory control, queue control and other issues directly related to business performance

[Planning Optimizing Method]

Linear programming services applicable to a wealth of managerial problems

[Decision-Making Method]

Applied services extending beyond mathematical modeling to include quantification of specialized knowledge



Marketing Strategy Consulting

For revitalization of the existing business, we support your marketing as to new customer development, market and channel development until we can see the results. We also implement the marketing of acquirement of market-priority, domain strategy and some measurement of effectiveness and promotion skills.


Re-engineering, CALS

Implementation of re-engineering

With this very severe economical situation, with industry progressing to highly information-oriented society, companies are forced to restructure themselves from the existing organization. Re-engineering is to drastically reconsider the usual process of business, and redesign the planning and development of merchandise through manufacturing, physical distribution, sales, marketing, customer service and let them work as a more efficient and value adding business system.
To achieve it, we have to strategically apply IT (Information Technique) as mush as possible, and a manager with powerful leadership is indispensable.
The next consulting items are to support this business process innovation.

CALS Promotion Consulting

CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support) had an initial meaning "Computer Aided Logistic Support" which was invented by US Department of Defense to conduct logistics support. Recently, however, in a word, it means the concept which allows for the exchange of data-configured to hold all necessary information for development-manufacturing-inventory management-distribution etc. jointly with companies. This point assumes not only computerization of information within organization but also exchange and joint-holding between the different organization and companies.
The points which we have to consider to promote CALS in Japan are following, our service will play a role as a driving force behind its development.


Internet Agency

Proposals from SYNTAX

PR & Net Strategy Proposal for the Broadband Age NEW
Proposal for the Creation of Barrier-free Web Content NEW
Corparate Website Management and Redevelopment Services NEW

Producing the Web site on Internet

We are helping you to spread and prosper on the Internet business. We will be pleased to send high-level information using our know-how, hoping not to be limited to a few people and to give a chance all the people to communicate.
We are offering the total service which includes the planning of the real Web site which meets the clients' (from private person to corporation) needs, and drawing up HTML documents, well defined graphics and registration procedure at reasonable prices.
We are also capable of responding to system integration and welcome inquiries about the connection and introduction of the Internet with your company's own server.

Notice: Rules for Web site Production
Construction of Information Network System on Intranet

Intranet is aiming to integrate WWW technology of Internet into information system systematically and hold them jointly within and among the companies.
This year, especially, there are indications that there will be a boom with Intranet related products from the major software companies.
These products will enhance the integration and mutual connection of WWW which is an open information sender with client server (C/S) systems which aim at closed internal information sharing.
It can realize database research of enterprises through the browser on the Internet, or use applications as a groupware at very low cost.
Intranet-users can integrate internal information sharing with that of sending externally information which has been separately handled, and we can also construct the flexible system which is suitable to company's needs. Now, we are proposing the Intranet for the company which attach importance to the following items:

Development of Internet Highly Applied New Business

We apply our know-how of new business development as a business consultant and that of Internet Agency, and actively support new business with the Internet.
If your company has interest in the following items, please ask us.

Should you have any questions and/or interest in the above items, please do not hesitate to contact us. Inquiries, discussions and proposals are all free of charge.
We will give you further information in addition to sending you various materials and also be able to provide tailored proposals for any specific subjects.
Besides the individual consulting program, SYNTAX Inc. Consulting Division offers the following programs and services. Please feel free to contact us. Inquiries, Consulting and Mail Corner
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