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We welcome your messages.

In this corner, you can easily send us any inquiries and take counsel with us as to our various services on Web site. We also have a questionnaire for your comments. Please feel free to drop in on us even if you do not have an immediate business interest.
If you would like further information or have an interest or questions in our services, please fill in the form below, and click the send button.
We will send you any further information and materials you need. Regarding more concrete matters, we will arrange a meeting with you and submit a proposal after discussion. Since all inquiries, prior counseling and discussions are free until an actual proposal is presented, why don't you try to contact us online, thank you.
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The Subjects of Inquiries

Proposal of Multimedia New Business Style Shop
Business Consulting
- Business development consulting
- Planning and development of new merchandise consulting
- Consulting program and project by subject
- Market research, drawing up study report
- Service for analyzing statistics
- Consulting for decision on marketing strategy
Re-engineering, CALS
- Implementation of re-engineering
- CALS promotion consulting
Internet Agency
- Composing of Web site of the Internet
- Constructing information network system though Intranet
- Development of new business which highly uses Internet
Composing of Multimedia Contents
- Producing software for public relations and corporate presentations
- Producing entertainment-related CD-ROM titles
Producing MIDI Data
- Telecommunication Karaoke system for business
- MIDI software for DTM
- MIDI software for multimedia titles
Offering 30,000 Songs on Tape Choices
Music publishing
The Outline of SYNTAX Inc.

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