Composing of Multimedia Contents

Producing software for public relations and corporate presentations
  1. We actively support your marketing so multimedia is much utilized efficiently.

    Business information and documentation currently provided via paper-media are ultimately destined to be trash. Such information will be built without attention, and in reality cannot fully accomplish their task as essential means of communication. On the contrary, we find that many companies come out with unique business strategies utilizing this topical multimedia and then succeed in making discriminating themselves from others, acquiring customers and publicizing products and services information. Multimedia marketing will enable you to realize much more effective communication. Then, we get prepared to support you aggressively for the next generation business activities as follows:

    1. High effective use of multimedia software on various exhibitions, presentations, public relations, etc.
    2. Production and distribution of business materials by package multimedia software such as CD-ROM, floppy disk, etc. (company brochure, products and services catalog, enjoyable game in Q & A style, company history, electronic catalog, business tools, etc.)
    3. Offering non-package information using communication network and establishing business and sales system

    CD-ROM and floppy disk, portable and inexpensive digital electronic media, can be user-friendly with every platform, and you can expect its effective soliciting to outpace further paper media.
    If they can be unrestrictedly distributed, reprinted and transferred as free software, considerable distribution, recognition and repercussion of information will be expected, and aggressive companies are keeping their eyes on such approaches.

  2. We produce various exhibitions, presentations, public relations events, advertisement activities.

    Besides multimedia production, based on the know-how through the business tie-up with advertising agencies, we are prepared to meet every kind of demand for exhibition, presentation, advertisement production. Please feel free to contact us for the following needs.

    1. Total production for various exhibitions, events (design and installation of booth, premium goods, production of various literature, total management or exhibition site and booth)
    2. Planning, design and production of various advertising media (pamphlet, advertising manuscript for news and magazines, TV & radio commercial)
    3. Production of pictures for large display (including multimedia-vision, High Definition Television broadcasting relay via communications satellite)

Production of entertainment-related CD-ROM titles

We will plan and develop your own multimedia software and game programs as CD-ROM titles. Regarding platforms, we can flexibly assign experienced programmers to each project for next generation game machine besides PC software.


Producing MIDI Data

Telecommunication Karaoke System for Business

We offer the best quality for producing MIDI data software used on telecommunication Karaoke system for business, and also have experience as business consultants. We are ready to work for you if you consider establishment of a production system for data and software, sufficiency of library, distribution of new songs and other needs in this field. Based on the experience of already evaluated label business and music publisher, we have formed a group of nationwide (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo) professionals and are confident in our quality of performance and production management system.

NOTE: Characteristics of SYNTAX Inc. Producing MIDI Data

MIDI Data for DTM

Along with rapid growth of PC market, DTM (Desktop Music) market is expanding.
In this promising market targeting home use, software-synthesizer, which is not required hardware sound resource, is recently becoming notable.
We supply high-dignity DTM MIDI data targeting consumer market.
We are planning to supply useful original MIDI data as share-ware on
"What's Cool?".
Why don't you download and try it?

MIDI Software for Multimedia Title

MIDI Software for telecommunication Karaoke system for business and DTM MIDI software, we produce sound effects and accompanying music for many multimedia titles. We flexibly support you in every application of platforms with full use of various MIDI related techniques.


Offering 30,000 Songs on Tape Choices

We can supply various audio resources such as Karaoke, famous instrumental music, nursery songs, animation songs (master record on 2track38cm tape and DAT tape) at very inexpensive price. You can launch a music software business with a very small investment, and in addition, secondary use as multimedia software can be easily realized.
As we proceed with the title transfer taking copyright and neighboring right into consideration, you will be free from troubles and concerns related to this matter. Lists and samples of numerous musical pieces are also available. Should you be interested in this please feel free to contact us.

Note: Contents of sound resource


Music Publishing

We started this business as music publisher (JASRAC corporate member) with managing current president's music copyright.
On behalf of many composers and authors, we manage copyrights and deal with production of master records and the record label business.
As the music we deal with varies, we will send you detail information at your request.

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