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Here is the Web Site of SYNTAX Inc.
Last Updated 17 March, 2004
Proposals from SYNTAX
PR & Net Strategy Proposal for the Broadband Age NEW
Proposal for the Creation of Barrier-free Web Content NEW
Corparate Website Management and Redevelopment Services NEW

What's New?
We provide you the latest information every month.
On this corner, you will find it easy and quick to access the new services and business information.

Proposal for Multimedia New Business Style Shop
This is the joint-project between SYNTAX Inc. and a major design and construction company which have developed among others, trendy large-sized personal computer shops and audio-visual shops.
Don't miss it! This is the place for the people who are interested in distributing multimedia-related merchandise and development of your shop.

Profile of SYNTAX Inc.
We are introducing our company and business contents.
We are providing various services which range from Internet Agency service, producing multimedia-related software to business consulting for the companies.

What's Cool?
There is the latest you-can't-miss-it useful information which is the latest topic, information on other networks and beginner's classes on the Internet etc... Moreover, our MIDI software laboratory is distributing original SYNTAX shareware, our unique MIDI software.

Inquiries, Consulting and Mail Corner
We are happy to respond online to your concerns about the above service.
You can send the E-mail to us and requests to collect materials about our company are also welcome.

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