PR & Net Strategy Proposal for the Broadband Age

Nowadays, to accommodate the great diversity of people accessing web sites, we are required to consider from various perspectives in providing information via the Internet. One of such recent cases is Amendment to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act in the United States (became effective on June 21, 2001), which made it compulsory to provide accessibility to electronic and information technology for individuals with disabilities. Similar attempts are also being made in Japan to create guidelines such as "Web accessibility" and "Universal design".
We therefore propose new consulting and web reconstruction services to accommodate the following requirements comprehensively.

- Accessibility: response, capacity and security.
- Usability (navigational ease), functionality and web site visitor satisfaction.
- Search engine optimization to ensure that potential customers will find the client's web site when they search.
- Barrier-free web sites (implementing features such as audio compatible content and web site redesigning to accommodate people with disabilities).

While we have always accommodated all of the above needs in our long business history, we give consider accessibility and usability as absolutely essential. Also please take notice of the fact that we are now able to meet the needs for the creation of barrier-free web sites over a wide range, including related new services, such as WEB-Checks and SBS.

In addition, when considering ways to provide information in a barrier-free environment, certain important factors are paid special attention: density of information and step by step presentation which can be adjusted to suit a variety of consumers, interests and ability. This calls the adoption of the perspective of "Catch -> Summary -> Flow of details" to the information to be provided. In the case of manufacturers, it is necessary to introduce such functions as product/service selection, needs analysis, optimal condition search, trouble shooting and simulation diagnosis.

At the same time, usability needs to be optimized. In addition to compatibility with various mobile models and the capacity to execute full text searches within a web site, it is also necessary to consider the use of translation engines for foreigners.

It is now absolutely essential to consider people with disabilities, seniors and others who are visually impaired (including partial color blind) and linguistically disadvantaged with features other than audio browsers (for example, consideration for color arrangement and frame designing).
Also emerging is the need for content tailored for multi-tasking users. To accommodate those needs, the streaming of web content (audio and video) should be considered.

A sample proposal: creation of voice narrated web content

When "density of information," "step by step presentation" and streaming of web content are being considered as a package, the rendering of important content with accompanying narration is one solution.
Especially, it has become quite essential to make PDF files audio compatible, which have become a de facto standard as electronic documents for the formatted files are difficult to alter, and which can not be voice narrated with audio browsers.
For example, if the client wishes to present feature content (such as lectures, seminars, promotions, various events, educational sessions or Investors Relations) effectively, a sequential flow of Catch (intros with brief videos), Summary (voice narration of summarized contents) and Details (presentation of the entire content) should be considered.

We have accumulated deep and widely varied business experience since 1996, providing services mostly to major and foreign-affiliated companies, services ranging from strategic Internet related consulting and web site construction, to system building and Electric Commerce business developments.
We can meet all of the potential needs described above, having been actively engaged in this field, serving clients including government offices and public corporations.
We are eagerly awaiting your inquiries and expressions of interest, and we look forward to serving you.

Methods and options for the creation of audio and video web content

- External broadcasting of events [effectively utilize visual materials without rendering]
* Live on-air, live broadcasting (including satellite broadcasting)
* Recording and editing of images to create content for on-demand distribution
** Video (narrowband)
** Video (broadband)
*** Audio narrowband (may not be required)
*** Audio broadband (may not be required)
**** Compatible with RealSystem
**** Compatible with Windows Media Technology

- Creation of voice narrated content [created separately by editing content]
* Use of professional narrators (narrator companions and announcers)
* Use of in-house staffs (receptionists)
* Recording of output using text narration software
** Video narrowband (may not be required)
** Video broadband (may not be required)
*** Audio narrowband
*** Audio broadband
**** Compatible with RealSystem
**** Compatible with Windows Media Technology
***** Full scale recording (in a professional recording studio)
***** Instant recording (microphone to DAT/MD)

- Use of resources from existing web sites (effective use of data such as text)
* Creation of new content using new technologies, use of authoring tools
   (e.g. Director MX)
* Expansion of applicable areas of text audio output technologies
   (Compatible with JavaScript and mobile devices)
* Use of text voice narration software
   (such as audio browsers and screen readers)

We recommend using Syntax Broadband Service (SBS), which has
a comprehensive set of functions, including video recording,
audio recording, editing, encoding and distribution.

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Syntax Broadband Service

Syntax Broadband Service
Distribution of streamed content for
broadband and support service
Business lines:
- Web site creation including system configuration and electronic commerce development
- Internet-related consulting (strategic decision-making, business development)
- Presence provider
Search engine (SSS2), web hosting & web database (SWS2), dedicated Linux servers (SLS), broadband streaming services (SBS: encoding, streaming servers, live relays, consultations on processing of copyright issues and billing systems etc.)
- General web site analysis, diagnosis and evaluation services ( )
"Web-Checks" fully automated web diagnostic system available free of charge
- "EC-Gate" general electronic commerce payment service ( ) ("ASP [Application Service Provider]" service)
- Planning, development and administration of vertical portal sites
- Other services

We are open to requests for the complete rebuilding of corporate web sites, planning for web site campaigns and web system architecture.
Please feel free to request any or all of this material.

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