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16 February, 1998

We updated MIDI Links.

11 October, 1997

The design of English & Japanese buttons on the top page are renewed.

9 May, 1997

We are most grateful to have received so much favorable responses all over from Japan and overseas as well since our Web site was first opened on 17 May, 1996.
Regrettably, we have not been able to update our Web sites as much as we wished as the staff has been extremely busy tackling other matters related to Internet since last fall.
We are finally able to do the following major updating. We hope you will enjoy them. It is our sincere pleasure to be patronized and always at your service.

On behalf of the staff of SYNTAX Inc.

The list of the areas of updating
  1. The design on the top page is partially renewed, the logo is replaced, the arrangement of the sections has been changed.
  2. The Web site supports RealAudio since January 1997. The real time trial listening service now provides with clearer sound quality. The description is changed for the trial listening service with RealAuido from sampling of part of music to a whole piece of music.
  3. The corner of Shockwave 'The theme music' is divided to 'The theme music' (Shockwave) and 'The theme music' (RealAudio). The theme music of this Web site that can be tried for about 15 seconds with Shockwave is now available with RealAudio.
  4. Cyber Session #2 A new corner called The Preview is newly installed. The release of the follow-up to the Cyber Session #1 will be soon made but you can trial listen one whole piece of music as preview with MIDPLUG and RealAudio for your pleasure. We hope you patronize this new corner together with the Trial Listening Corner.
  5. Another new corner is a collection of MIDI links. This link collection is selected and arranged carefully picking major links, mainly from corporate Web sites in Japan.

26 June, 1996

We improved the design and layout of the MIDI software laboratory page, the changes are as follows;

You can enjoy theme song!!

We are offering the theme song(about 15 seconds) with Shockwave. Incorporating Plug-in of Shockwave and clicking the button "Theme song", you can enjoy simple animation and sound.

File converter (Midi it!) for Macintosh User is uploaded.

For Macintosh users, "MIDI it!" will be directly uploaded to our Web site, which is a very useful utility tool as a MIDI file converter.
Through the kindness of the author of this freeware, Mr.Rokkaku, we are able to directly download the latest version from our Web site. We specially recommend this for Macintosh users. For more details, refer to the original document which is included in the compression file for downloading.

Trial listening with soft synthesizer!

YAMAHA Corp. has developed software which allows one to play high quality music on the Internet as a Plug-in of Netscape Navigator and began distributing it from May 31 1996. This is to play MIDI file on Web site with its sound resource capability as a soft synthesizer. Therefore, those who don't have special hardware such as peripheral MIDI sound module or MIDI sound board can nevertheless enjoy MIDI playing with only personal computer in real time.
At MIDI software laboratory, as we introduced this technique and newly set a new corner for MIDI playing with soft synthesizer, we would like you to try it. For further information and explanation about the function of MIDPLUG or how to use it, refer to the MIDPLUG of YAMAHA Corp.page.B

28 May, 1996

Access counter has been included in MIDI software laboratory which was opened on May 17.